wayne hammon Salt Spring Island, BC Canada sculptor and ceramic artist

Born of South African parents in Ottowa, Canada, Wayne grew up and was educated in South Africa. After graduation and two years National Service in the South African Navy, he qualified and worked as a commercial diver. He then traveled the world extensively for eight years to countries such as The United States of America, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East and the Islands of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

He returned to South Africa in 1985 to pursue a full time career in sculpture.At the same time Wayne studied the rock art of the Bushmen. Due to these studies he became involved with the SAN (Bushmen) communities of Southern Africa. In 1990 he became actively involved with the last living members of the Southern Kalahari Bushmen.In 1995 he started a community arts project with Southern Kalahari Bushmen.

Wayne is also one of the founding members of the Southern Kalahari Bushman Trust, and while living in South Africa he was actively involved in their land claim.

In 1994 Wayne received the South African Ceramics award for sculpture in clay. He produces work in stone, wood, bronze and clay.

Later in his career Wayne became interested in Mayan history and culture. This deep interest influenced his thinking and art and in 2007 Wayne moved to Belize in 2007 where he produced ceramics based on Mayan art, and was also instrumental  in teaching local Maya ceramic art. (See Video) Wayne returned to South Africa in January 2011.

He left South Africa in 2012, returned to Belize for 6 months and then settled on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada in May, 2014.


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